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The Bear is fantastic! Even better if you like to cook or enjoy food. The acting and storyline is beautiful yet sad, intense, caring.

Been watching West Wing, it’s like home to me, don’t know why.


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Yes! I walk at Poor Farm almost everyday! My dogs go off leash - stay close and enjoy it. When weather gets nicer lots of mountain bikers but most are dog friendly and kind to share the trails! Great park. And yes don’t go near it weekdays during school drop off and pick up - it’s a shit show.


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We spend Christmas in Hilton Head, this year has been ridiculously cold like everywhere. Been enjoyable with our new puppy, a good distraction as first Christmas without my Dad. My mom came for a few days - that was hard.

Travel wise all is has been ok. Heading back to RVA tomorrow a little fearful of traffic but we will try and leave early.


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Must write thank you notes today. As an adult thank you notes stress me. I am bad about writing them but LOVE getting them. I feel like I suck at it but really want it to be memorable and express my gratitude. So yup Adulting.


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Just my little family at the beach - we all cook together, my kids have always loved it. Today I will make cinnamon rolls for breakfast and pound cake for dessert. A trip the grocery store I am sure…

Currently in Hilton Head, home originally to the Yemasee and Cusabo Tribes. HHI also has a large Gullah influence.


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SAHM, my commute is mostly to the kitchen and laundry room.

Hoping to make it to friends to hand out candy and enjoy the festivities but not sure my attitude and sadness is right to be around people tonight. Ironic is Halloween as I walk around like a zombie hoping my dad get better and we get good news from the ICU.


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Reply to Fridaily by donteatmydog

Relax, enjoy the beautiful colors and get some sleep. It’s been a week, my dad had open heart surgery Wednesday, longest week and more to come. Thankfully he’s doing well and recovering, lucky man at 80. Lots of trips to the hospital and waiting is very tiring. Happy Friday everyone!