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We do, but there are caveats.

We have DVC (the disney timeshare) and we pool our points. We have 3 groups that add points to the kitty. We have either 7 or 9 adults. If there are 9 adults, there are 2 kids. If 7 adults, no kids.

Every adult pays their own way for passes, food, and merch. 2 of the 7 adults work for Disney, so they get free passes. 2 or 4 more use the disney comp passes, and the remaining 3 have annual passes.

Food wise, breakfast is always in the room (we have a full kitchen). Lunch occasionally is too. We usually do max 1 meal a day in the parks. Merch is purchased sparingly because it's not as good (to us) as it used to be, and we go all the time. We stay on property once a year for 12 nights.


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When I was a kid (in the late 80s early 90s) it was absolutely a thing. I recall a game in the early 90s where multiple players were ejected for a fight that broke out on the field.

It was like watching the Ravens and Bengals play now.

That said, I grew up in Chicago, so my 2 favorite teams are the Bears and whomever is currently beating the living snot out of Green Bay. I felt like a traitor 2 weeks ago uttering the phrase "Go Lions".


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You could always file a complaint with your insurance company, saying that the doctor's office collected money for services covered under insurance. Insurance company can light a fire.

Also, you can contact the state licensing board for the doctor or your state AGs office. Doctor's offices despise regulators breathing down their necks.

Third option is small claims court.