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Sadly, my collection eventually folded because I always had difficulty with keeping my space clean (admittedly, it was bad). I got to play with my kids' Lego sets when we bought a table for them, and I always have fun snapping a brick or two together.

My step daughter and son in law share a love for it. They have their place decorated in Lego Art and Star Wars Lego models. His dad fills his garage with a huge Lego Christmas Village during the holidays.


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I thought I got my first Lego space set when I was 6 but it might have been 8. I thought I remembered it having blue and white figures but it may have been some other color.

The yellow guys were a few years later. I remember my sets having a gray base but no moon rocks or craters- my friend that lived across the street got that set some time after.

I can't seem to find what my set was, but I recognize at least a half dozen of the other ones, from catalogs of the time. The Sears and JC Penney catalogs used to fuel most of my Lego fantasies and I dreamed of getting the entire space playset (Which was only 5 or 6 sets at the time).


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It's an issue, especially if you have any ADD issues. It took me till about 20 when I learned how to sit down and focus. I still have issues but I've gotten much better. Now days (30 years on) I can sit down and rough out a full concept in a few minutes.. seeing it through to completion is still a problem occasionally. Learn self discipline now and how to set goals for yourself.

I wish you good luck and success.


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Well done, OP. I strongly suggesting remastering the image in a digital program and selling the prints. The coloring everywhere is great except for the lips where your markers overlapped a little. It would also be pretty easy to draw a background similar to the "throne" background in "Sweet Transvestite" to 'frame' it.

Understand this is constructive criticism. I love the image, the coloring, and the overall presentation.

Edit- looking at it again, maybe just the remaster and a black background.


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We have, but you're talking about interstellar (as in between the stars, or solar system to solar system) travel. The majority of the asteroids we have access to are locked up in the belt between Mars and Jupiter. We occasionally see comets, but they're not stable enough to sustain is, and then we have the forementioned need to get going at least as far as it is.

Something like ʻOumuamua, the "interstellar" object that moved through our solar system a few years back would be more on track with what you're thinking of. But that doesn't mean we could catch it. ʻOumuamua was 'tumbling' , as in it didn't have a fixed axis we could really locate to even think about trying to run up alongside it.


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I hadn't had any in years and my partner had never had it (directly at least - she got hot boxed plenty, but she didn't or realize it). She was looking for pain relief and self medicating with alcohol isn't a good choice. I explained 'it really only lasts a few hours'.