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> PADEP says it began when the town filled an abandoned strip mining pit with residential trash. Then, they intentionally lit the trash on fire. ... because there was not a non-combustible barrier in place, the fire spread from the trash to the exposed Buck Mountain Coal seam in the pit, and it's been burning underground ever since.

I had no idea that's how the Centralia fire started. This reads like something from the Idiocracy script.


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For me, it's decades of being told that I'm going to hell by people who don't understand basic science and who look the other way when their religious leaders rape children. I grew up in a Baptist church full of people who claimed to follow the teachings of Christ while being small-minded and mean to people who look different than them.

I didn't have that same experience in any other group I participated in later in life. There are dumb, spiteful people everywhere but Christian churches seem to aggregate them.

There is also the fact that they believe in what's obviously a fairytale. Being a devout Christian says a lot about the state of your mind and whether or not you live in reality.


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We're roughly the same age and the world population has nearly doubled since our childhood. People have too many kids and consume at a rate that exceeds our planet's capacity to sustainably provide.

Just because some dickhead doesn't take their responsibility seriously doesn't mean you're off the hook for your contributions to sharing resources. We all have to do our part.


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>completely helpless to fight back against the fascist dictator.

The right literally elected someone who attempted to overthrow an election, and nominated a gubernatorial candidate in this state who was a Christian nationalist, you ignorant troll.

If we get to a point when we need to fight our government, it's not going to matter whether or not a particular type of semiautomatic rifle is legal because we'll be at war. Right now I'm more worried about the classrooms full of kids getting shot up by morons with AR-15s.


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That's utter horseshit. Most people on the left have no issue with those who hunt, as far as the law is concerned.

Most of us who want increased gun control don't think you need a semi-automatic rifle with a tactical grip to hunt an animal that can't shoot back. And we think the people who claim that they NEED weapons of war to hunt are deep down, scared, weak, gullible people.