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The heat death of the universe eventually leads to a minimally entropic state. The stretching of spacetime is the only way to reset entropy. And you're not even really resetting it, just dumping it in other causally disconnected universes.


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Universal time doesn't make sense in the context of General Relativity. The only thing two observers in different reference frames can agree on is what is known as the 'spacetime interval.' Caused by the Lorentz contraction. This interval is both a distance and a time measurement, which you're likely already familiar with. Afterall, when you want to meet with someone, you have to give a minimum of two abstract things, a location, and time. spacetime interval^2 = ({change of time}*c)^(2) - {change of x}^(2) - {change of y}^(2) - {change of z}^(2)


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A Target promotional ad program targeting pregnant women identified because they switched to scent free lotions and soaps being sent to your home addressed to your daughter with only pregnancy related ads, raising hell with Target, then sheepishly apologizing after the revelations

True story, by the way.