scribblingsim t1_j1vc49k wrote

The vague concept is in Islam, HOWEVER, like you said, they're interpreting it VERY loosely. Ironically, it's supposed to be more about things like terrorism, which they're strangely not interested in punishing.

I'm not saying they're not Muslim, but they ARE misusing Islam to abuse women. And I'm not saying that Christians don't do the same. They've been doing the same for many centuries, like when they took the absolutely idiotic command to "not suffer a Witch to live" and used it to their own ends to gain an insane amount of control over people and the excuse to murder any undesirables in a horrific way, either through the torture used to get them to incriminate their neighbors to make the pain stop or through burning at the stake, pressing with stones, or whatever other means of killing women they could devise. Or when they misinterpreted the Bible to go against gay people and then started murdering THEM en masse, and then later just went the "kinder" route of just persecuting the hell out of them.

Were they Christians? Oh absolutely. But they, like these assholes running Iran, knowingly twisted their religion for control through terror and should not be considered good members of their faith.