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I’d have to do some more research myself. It sounds like you have a more sophisticated understanding than I do.

Regardless, potential Alzheimer’s treatments have mostly been a cascade of failures, so I can see the optimism here. Even finding a drug that correlates with slower ameloid buildup is good news, because (to further your analogy) it might give detectives more evidence regarding the actual crime. For example, now researchers might be able to tease out variables in order to narrow down a causation, which could make it easier to identify more (and possibly more important) correlations. It’s just a small step, but the first in a long time that feels like the correct direction.


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Yes and no. There’s a theory among many of those who ice fish that the best fishing can be found at the edge of the ice. So every once in a while there’s some yahoos who get in trouble because they were fishing where they weren’t supposed to.

But with this many people, it’s almost certain that some authority, whether state or local, had said the ice was okay. You also don’t really expect this to happen at this time of year, either.