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>with blood and fluids not being pulled down by gravity, your head tends to be more full of fluids than normal, and it feels like a mild cold congestion all the time.

I'd be interested in knowing what is the minimum G you need to avoid this. Creating 1G in space via spinning is very problematic, but making .05G would be easy. Would it help?


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Yeah, "40 million times greater than a bowl of rice crispies" isn't helpful OR scientifically accurate.

I mean come on, everyone knows skim milk makes them louder.


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Mostly true, but there are wet mines. My company used to have one on the East Coast of Canada that literally went out underneath the Atlantic Ocean. They were under the ocean!

The rock was very cool, so all humidity coming in on the fresh air formed as condensation on the walls, creating a wet mine.


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Canadian Potash (potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride) mine here. Our mine is roughly 76% NaCl and 22% KCl. What we mine is then refined. Our mine is dry, so I've never experienced salt burns, but if you have other questions I'd be happy to answer them.


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Lol, do a little Google search for something called a potash tailing pile. Gigatons of free salt, usually a little contamination of potassium, clay, various carnalites, and sometimes some chemicals from the milling process, but still about 98% salt.

The problem is that salt is so INCREDIBLY cheap, it's not worth refining to get that 2% contamination out. It's usually cheaper to mine it in a more pure form, and then ship it a thousand kilometers to where it needs to be sold.


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I think SpaceX has lots of time to get that working, since Artemis is insanely behind schedule anyway.

Further, that's a different kind of contract. NASA is paying to have something built that has never been done before. If SpaceX doesn't hit milestones in that contract, they don't get paid. They both know that.

Even further, SpaceX underbid that contract to win it. They're using some of their own money to build it, knowing they will use the tech themselves down the road.


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I still remember the first time I woke up with that, I was about 12 or 13 I think, and I freaked out so bad because I thought my arm had been paralyzed. It was such a weird feeling having a dead limb just hang, no sensation, it was like an extra piece of meat just hanging from my shoulder.