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No, you just didn't quite read the comment you replied to.

I generally prefer to include engine development in vehicle development, but plenty of people disagree especially when the engine development happened before the development of a particular vehicle. Merlin was developed for Falcon 1, though there were continued improvements over time.

No one who read that source and understood the context would honestly say "Elon isn't being completely honest or more likely is miscategorizing costs somewhere". You were just confused.


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You should actually read that link. That $300 million figure is for Falcon vehicle 9 development. It does not include Dragon development, engine development, or building launch sites and factories.

You are thinking about the COTS contract that included developing Falcon 9, developing Dragon, and multiple launches.


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You are being more than a little bit ridiculous here. Do you honestly believe that anyone in this thread claimed or implied that Musk is a god emperor? The comment you replied to said that Musk has contributed massively, which you now agree with. Does that mean that you too are "pretending that he’s a god emperor"? Obviously not. Try to be honest.

You started out with some false claims about Musk's contributions at SpaceX. Multiple people have given you calm and polite replies explaining why your claims are false. It is okay to admit that you were wrong. It is okay to acknowledge someone's contributions even if you dislike them.


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It's an alternative history science fiction show. It starts with the Soviet Union being first to land on the moon and America increasing efforts on the Apollo program.

I really liked the first season. It is still clearly fiction, but they focused on making it as realistic as possible. After that they stopped caring about imagining an alternate history that makes sense and instead focused on personal drama.


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Your own failure to understand is not a mark against Shotwell. It is incredibly obvious that there is not a "hard limit" on rocket reliability, unless by "hard limit" you are talking about asymptotically approaching 100%. Difficult problems are difficult, but that does not make them impossible. People said the same thing about air travel. People said the same thing about speedy ground travel.

When you have an idea that makes sense intuitively, try to think about it rationally and see if it makes sense logically as well.