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I'd say I average 5 years between each headphone purchase. Once a pair starts to wear out, I either repair it or upgrade if I have the money and want something new. My path went Senn HD555 > Grado SR 60 > Philips X2 > Beyer DT1990. I figure in 5-10 years I'll see what Stax has that might interest me. Or maybe see if Hifiman has upped their build quality/QC.


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I would experiment with Equalizer settings with the DT 900 before thinking about upgrading to see if it's the sound signature that you don't like, and see what signature you do like


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I love my setup. I might someday upgrade my IEMs, but it doesn't make sense to at the moment since I'm working from home and not using them much.

Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT1990

Home source: laptop > apple dongle > JDS atom amp+

IEM: Thieaudio Legacy 4

On the go source 1: laptop > apple dongle

On the go source 2: Fiio M6