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So, you need hardware that physically houses the software. That means you need maintenance workers. Then you need customer support, which will be a large portion. You need people who can fix and improve the software, lots of them. You need people who will maintain your cyber security.

Then all the normal company stuff: HR, Accounting, Management, real estate, sales, marketing, janitors, etc.

They are still producing a product, and as with a lot of other companies a lot of the workforce isn't directly involved with the actual production.


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These rates change over the years, but interest rates change with them. So if your bank gives 4% interest on savings, their loans probably have an interest >6-7%. Still, the 0,01% are a rather extreme example.


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Its a statement that is so basic, you cannot prove it. Because it is (together with other axioms) the basis for every proof.

These are the "assumptions" we make in order to get startet with proving stuff. For example, in math there is an axiom "there exists (the concept of) infinity" You cannot really prove this without using other statements like it that can't be proven.


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That is a question so broad, you can fill multiple college classes with it.

On a (very) high level: Information is stored as a string of 0s and 1s, which is sent to the CPU, which then performs different actions on this string, like "add the value on position 1234 with the value on position 1212" or "write 10 to position 12345" or "repeat until the value in position 123 equals 0", etc.

These instructions come as a string of 0 and 1 as well, and once they are finished, the end product is then written back into memory or passed on to other parts of the computer, like display, external memory, WiFi connectors, ...