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I don't think there is, I think the difference is diplomacy and semantics. People who dislike it dislike it because they are judging it through that lens. So the difference between dislike and judgement is how you perceive the person complaining about it views the readers who enjoy the series. So it's not dislike of the work vs. judging the author, it is probably more so dislike of the work vs. you feeling judged.

Same thing happened with the Orson Scott Card controversy, lots of emotional meltdowns to be seen of people defending their enjoyment of his works. Not that this is all that similar, I do believe that Jim Butcher makes Dresden an ass on purpose and is not himself a hardboiled misogynist.


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After Rise of the Planet of the Apes came out, Koko's handlers unironically produced a video of Koko criticizing humanity, just a whole political speech.

Outside of that, I think Koko was pretty good at asking for oranges. Honestly, language is hard and it's difficult to tell a gorilla what they're allowed to do.