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If you are talking about the SIGAR reports, the only problem with that is it was so far down the road. Were there other prior investigations?

Of course, it definitely seems like Ukraine is much more willing to fight against Russia than Afghanistan was against the Taliban. But it would also be a bit foolish to overlook that government corruption isn't exactly uncommon in Ukraine. It's absolutely something that every country, who is giving aid to Ukraine, should be considering and looking in to.

But, hypothetically, would it better serve the US government's goals for Ukraine to admit that some funds were being misused or deny it now and then admit years later after the war is ended (or until so much time has passed that the war effort has already fallen out of public favor for other reasons)?


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They'd also be the ones to lie and cover it up if some of the funds are being misappropriated. It's a proxy war. American money fights American enemy using Ukrainian cannon fodder. If Americans find out some of the money isn't being used in the right way then support for Ukraine wanes and the US gov't finds it more difficult to fund their proxy war.