seriousbangs t1_jbz6gri wrote

As always when it comes to these fixes, who's gonna pay for it?

You could raise the price of water to try and force people.... and then get slaughtered in the next election cycle. And that assumes you *can* force people. You can't. People don't have water leaks for fun, it's because they don't have the money to fix them. Or their apartment owners who don't care because they make the renter pay.


seriousbangs t1_itco002 wrote

You didn't understand my answer.

My answer was (to put it bluntly), we put people who shouldn't be in jail in jail.

Those people are honest and harmless. They're not criminals. Often they're just people self medicating with drugs we've made crimes out of for political reasons (google Richard Nixon and Drug War).

So you can give them the keys and they'll come right back because they are honest citizens made criminals for political reasons!!!