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Idk. My friend once paid $800 for super nice birthday tickets to watch Lebron play when the Lakers were coming to town. Turned out to be a rest day for Lebron that was announced a couple hours before tip off. If the Lakers had been fined for that, my friend for one, would have been super okay with it


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That's the magic of trump. No one else truly made me believe like anything was possible. Like I was qualified to be PotUS. Even GWB was a fighter pilot. I know dude came off has a simpleton, but I'm sure the guy wasn't the functional retard that we got with Trump. And we somehow survived him! If we can survive him, I'm a firm believer I couldn't possibly fuck up bad enough that people can't survive me. Remember everyone. Regardless of how smart you are, anyone can grow up to be the leader of the free world! (Having a few billion dollars doesn't hurt though)