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I think much of the progress was under the radar and out of public view. OpenAI was founded in 2015 and just reached mainstream consciousness with their product launches. Also in 2015, I met people working on LLM and NLP at Google, and it appears Google was reluctant to release some of this tech but now they want to since they want to compete with OpenAI.


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The whole discussion is based on a flawed foundation. It starts with an assumption that a certain trope is true without scientific evidence it is true. Anecdotally, I have personally met people in the tens of millions or hundreds of millions and not billions, indeed some of those ultra wealthy people are less sociopathic than certain regular people I know.

The only reason billionaires like Bezos exist, they made billions of lives easier (low cost shopping convenient delivery). Sure, one can argue their treatment of workers could be better, but at the end of the day Bezos had to solve problems to get rich.

Lastly, the billionaires you are talking about “force medicating” are the same billionaires who brought us closer to the singularity in the first place (founders of Google and Microsoft, for example). The singularity should bring low cost resources for all, it will be hard for the rich to hide or hold on to the tech because there’s a profit motive on bringing low cost resources to all.


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Did you try reading the study? “The theme of shelter and salvation tended to show people of color receiving assistance from volunteers and shelter staff. White people in shelters were shown expressing grief or emotional trauma but not receiving material aid. Such images reinforce narratives of welfare and arguments about who is entitled to assistance and who abuses such aid.”

Perhaps you’d like to assert certain types of people just go to the shelter to hang out and not receive aid.


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When the smartphone was introduced in 07/08, the masses rushed to get one.

When the Oculus headset was introduced in 2012, the masses generally still don’t give a shit :).

There just isn’t enough demand to hang out in virtual worlds. For some niches and audiences there is, but so far not the masses…