shant_jan t1_je9t1te wrote

all the folks complaining about this being a "patronage job" must never actually take the train because anyone with a stroller, wheelchair, bike, luggage, etc use them regularly to get on the train. they're also the ones who get you through when the turnstiles break or cant collect payment, let first responders into the station quickly, give tourists directions, and are essentially New York's defacto Lost and Found service.

sure, replace them with an automated service kiosk that would be contracted to some Albany crony who would go massively over budget and take a decade to roll out across the city only for them to constantly malfunction or break.


shant_jan t1_jb6b95h wrote

it was a ballerina-model joyously dancing through what looked like a particularly drab looking convenience store to grab some prepackaged "fresh" food and tap her card at the kiosk to checkout without any cashier.

like the selling point was that these stores had all the fun of a bus station Quick Check but without any people around.