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i think he's on to something. just think about it, after a year of prison guards bringing them in new drugs, let's just release them with no support system onto public transit and let the whole cycle repeat itself again!

oh and as a kicker, even if they were to get clean and get their shit together, lets also make sure no one will ever let them rent an apartment because of their record.


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if I'm remembering this right, the Manhattan DA oversees a lot of corporate cases that result in financial penalties that essentially get paid to that office so they essentially have a massive discretionary fund.

I think last time I remember the DA did something like this it was allocating funding for other localities to actually process their massively backlogged rape kits.


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imo, mcdonalds is for when there aren't other options.

small town in rural PA? you'll see folks there all day because there isn't much else fast and cheap.

nyc? whats the point of a crappy burger and alright fries when you can go grab a couple of street tacos or a slice of pizza for around the same price. mcdonalds is only worth it when you're drunk and the better food has gone to bed.


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