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Vancouver/Camas/Washougal are growing and have several hospitals in the area. Vancouver clinic is opening many centers around the metro area. Portland airport is literally 10 miles away. If you go further North, there are smaller towns within a commute distance to Portland-Vancouver metro area.


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Here, in WA, mostly everything is online except getting a new license. You can start the paperwork, and upload documents online (use the license express link on

In some state, you can get a non-photo state ID (for example - snowbirds going to AZ) but I'm not sure if we have that here. That would, in theory, allow you to retain your "permanent" ID, and use the non-photo state ID for WA proof.


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That place has an amazing restaurant - can't remember the name, but you have to climb up a small flight of steps from the road level, and they serve amazing fish'n'chips.