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Stimulants are much more likely to cause psychosis than alcohol is in a much shorter period of time. Within a few weeks of stimulant use, one in a thousand users experience full blown schizophrenia like symptoms. The rate of alcoholic hallucinosis is one in four thousand and only occurs amongst individuals using it for many years; and typically has much milder symptoms typically isolated to visual and tactile stimuli.

The rate of addiction is much lower in alcohol users, at around one in twenty adults. I don't know how many adults try methamphetamine and develop addiction, but colloquially and from my experience with substance abuse programs, the ratio of first use to addiction is much higher by an order of magnitude.

Alcohol is a toxin, yes, but every mammal has evolved to seek out and (within limits) safely metabolize alcohol. Strong stimulants are not something we have evolved alongside. I think there's many safer substances that are unfairly regulated when alcohol gets a pass but methamphetamine simply isn't one.


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I agree and disagree. There's nothing stopping people treating anything as a parody, but if the author writes unironically, it literally isn't a parody. I could be hyperbolic and say "we could treat mein kampf as parody, doesn't mean it is", but I think I can find a more contemporary example without having to resort to Godwin's Law.

American Psycho was written as a parody, and is interpreted as such, but the author has admitted that Bateman was a self insert for his own frustration with women and fitting in as a 27 year old (the same age as the character). Its a fascinating character study, but it still bears mentioning that the person who wrote it was fucked in the head. So yes, I don't disagree that a parody can be dissociated from the author, but it also needs to be said that sometimes, people with deeply misanthropic views use parody as a veneer to say what vitriolic opinions they hold while using that veneer as a shield to escape criticism of their strange and disturbing views.