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Seriously, get fucked if you're a Christian and this is where you draw the line. Deconstruct now. Be good to people for the sake of being a good person and spread compassion and empathy. Fuck religious persecution, trauma, violence, indoctrination, patriarchy, homophopia, racism, and sexual assault. The real world is waiting


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Ya basically something like, "don't be gay, hate gays, pray a lot, fight woke, own libs, get the groomers, don't jack off, stop porn, stop playing video games, make wife cook and clean and be quiet, white Jesus white Jesus" and all that other Christian nationalism shit. Oh and "buy my new book, "Man Hood!"".


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Right. Please do ask them all kinds of these questions. They've got contact us links on the stronger men conference website, phone numbers, email, Twitter, Facebook. All that stuff. I've been hitting them up but haven't received a reply yet. I think it would be great if hundreds of people bugged them about it. And I just really want them to answer some of these questions that I'm sure the community has. I think it would be great if they backed out of having him as a guest because I kind of think they booked him before the attempted coup that he helped incite. No "church" in their right mind would even consider having such a hateful, cowardly, treasonous bastard come set up merch stands and spew hateful culture war bullshit to their congregation.