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The world's oldest living fully documented cat is 26 right now. I'd bet you are mistaken on the exact birth year, likely by several years. I believe 25 years old is possible for sure, but that would be an incredibly old cat, likely holding the title of 'worlds oldest living cat' for a time.

Once you start tracking the age of cats verifiable by microchip and documented birth dates all those 30+ year old cats disappear because none of them were microchipped when they were kittens.


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16 isn't particularly old for a cat, it isn't all that uncommon for cats to live to 20 years old or so and still be fairly healthy. Pretty rare for them to make it over 20 though before getting significant problems which require medication (usually kidney problems and/or diabetes) or they get cancer. Not that different than what takes out most people as they get up to 90+.

In any case, it is hardly very surprising that all the 30+ year old cats disappeared now that we use microchips to track them. The current world's oldest documented cat is only 26 which shows how ridiculous the claim of a 38 year old cat is.

If the guy wasn't a liar he may just have been senile and just got confused. Vets don't see cats often enough (except near end of life) to be able to tell two similar looking cats apart without a microchip.


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I didn't read the article but I assumed the gist of it would be that he took a shitty job and realized how good he has had it all his life. So many people in the US are completely spoilt having never experienced any real financial hardship or worked any really crappy physical jobs, thus having zero appreciation for what life is like in other countries or even for the bottom 1/3 in the US.


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Most likely because there have been very few black authors in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. People who write books tend to write them based on their own life experience and will usually put someone who looks a lot like themselves into the primary roles. Historically most writers come from an upper/middle class Caucasian background. Nobody is out trying to discriminate against blacks in sci-fi/fantasy. You might as well ask why most books from India or China don't have many white protagonists in them.

As an avid reader of those genres myself I couldn't give a damn what "race" any of the characters are from as long as the book is good. I'm very confident that nobody else I know who reads a lot cares either.