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Coin op copiers were a thing in the 80s and any library with a collection big enough to support a week of in-person research just on ducks probably had one. It would have been a high priority in fact. I remember using them in my not-terribly-large public library in the late 80s.


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What you're saying is definitely not a fact. Mall kiosks are a thing (and the US has them too, sorry to bust that narrative.* But that's not the same thing as it being 'a common model in much of the world.' They're useful in areas that can't support a full library. In cities, they're mostly pointless, because the population is dense enough to have an actual library. They'd be an extra here, not a replacement for a full service library.

I'll ask you again: do you use libraries? Because picking up requests is not even in the top five things people visit my library for.


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Man you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. “Time to modernize!!!” By becoming a bare bones book request delivery system and letting everything else we do fall by the wayside. Do you use libraries? Or are you just assuming you know more about them than the people who run them?