shibby055 OP t1_itrx28h wrote

So this was an entirely pre-pepped salad that I finely diced and tossed together for a quick lunch. On Sunday I made a big batch of dressing (check out Green Goddess from Serious Eats), seared some chicken, prepped some bacon and pre-boiled the eggs. Grabbed a tub of cotija cheese as well.

When I wanna eat, I take some little gem lettuce and toss it in salt, lemon juice and then the dressing. Quickly did a fine chop on the chicken and bacon, trying to get them equally sized cubes. Throw the dressed lettuce in the bowl, then sprinkle on the finely chopped meat and finish with a bunch of cheese. Cut your egg, crack some pepper and done in 5 mins! The look is from little gem + that fine dice. But even better, you get a little in every bite instead of fishing for boulders of chicken and bacon!