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When I had mediacom I had constant issues at home. I lived in KC and was spoilt by google fiber. I’ll admit brightspeed isn’t that good, but it’s still way better than mediacom or standard internet. Especially if you work from home.


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I make that much and have a mortgage. The hardest part was saving for the down payment.

I’m a single parent.I got my house before I asked for child support and can survive without it. My house is a single level 3 bedroom, 1,75 bath(there’s a shower in the second bathroom), but the bedrooms are small. I bought my house went interest rates were at record lows though.

Edit: I also took advantage of an FHA loan. If your credit is above, I believe, 680 you only put 3.5% down.

Edit 2: my house was 145k when I bought it but has recently appraised for 210k. I started my mortgage in 2020. Also here’s my rate. I want to be clear, if you can’t afford a house right now on 50k it’s not you, it’s the current inflation. Don’t give up. Getting a mortgage helped stable me. I would be struggling more if I was paying rent on a place this size. If you need to wait, just start saving money now. It has to sit in your account for at least 8 weeks iirc before you can use it as a down payment.


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It’s kinda weird that you need to be talked up to when doing business. Why do you need a smile or a goodbye? As a person who isn’t exactly neurotypical, people who need that validation from me are the worst. It’s exhausting to be “on” all day. Let people solve your issue then be on your way.


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Oh I know they’ll be fine. I just always find it funny the different ways we look at each others home countries.

Where do you live that you’re not locking your door? I mean, car doors? Fuck that, rather just take out valuables than deal with a broken window. But I’ve had at least two people fidget with my door on the south ish side after midnight. They were probably just fucked up, but I’m not risking someone walking into my house.


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You’ll be very safe. Property crime is high, so if you ride a bike, buy a good lock and keep your bike locked or inside. But to be a victim of an actual violent crime(other than SA), it’s unlikely as a student if you’re staying near campus/downtown and being smart. Don’t walk alone at night, even if you’re a guy, and don’t stay out past bar close, if anything try to be home before midnight.

The buses will get you where you need to go.


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I prefer Golden Dragon’s in Ozark, but I’m not a fan of cashew chicken(the gravy texture sometimes weirds me out)and Alamo had the only other one I enjoyed.

Also not being a big fan of it means I’m definitely not the expert on who makes it best.


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I understand the desire to film. But I think it’s gotten a bit too much in our society. Film the cops, film when you believe someone is in danger and you can’t intervene safely, but the mentally ill shouldn’t be your modern day freak show content.


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I’ve been able to get Lyfts quicker here than in big cities. Just make sure to tip them well during the hours they really should be sleeping and share you location with someone you know for safety. :)


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Maybe a dozen to twenty. It’s so sad. I talked to a few other parents who were taking their kids to trunk r treats “for safety”. We live in an exceptionally safe time period when it comes to stranger danger. If you’re really that worried, why not just walk with your kid?

On the bright side, my neighborhood gives out a lot of full size candy cause they can afford to with the level of kids. I kept having to tell kids “take two handfuls if you have small hands, I won’t run out.” I saw a couple of teens too which made me happy, I love seeing older kids trick r treating.

Edit: I live in Meador Park. My last trick r treater was at about 7:30. I only noticed because I put on a horror movie and left it really low for the first hour in case we had more kids come by, didn’t want to scare em since I had my window open so I could hear(I disconnected the bell on my doorbell). But none came.


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All of my pets have been fixed at SAAF. I have noticed they have stopped fixing large dogs, but my experience with them with my large and people aggressive dog really cemented them being my favorite local resource. My dog is 110 lbs and incredibly distrusting of people outside our family. He has bitten 2 people. Both were friends who realized they went too far in trying to be friendly with him, so it’s all good. We were at an understanding, but still. It made getting him fixed really hard even with a muzzle. I told them what we were dealing with, they had me bring him in as they started surgery so I could be with him when they put him under, did his surgery first, then called me as soon as it was done so I could pick him up separately and not risk anyone getting bit or hurt. That was so amazing of them. They took something I was so anxious about and went way above what they had to do.


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Only 35. That's so young. I always picture Trumpers as old people who were chewing on lead base painted bannisters as kids. Pretty young to fuck up your life this bad.