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I think people have this vision that Google is very capable and but the Emperor may actually have no clothes ...

No doubt their research is top tier (note that until now they didn't even merge their AI labs), but that is very different to releasing AI products. They could have released numerous products in this space, but they didn't.

Only now that they are forced to are they even trying and woe and behold they were unprepared. They got complacent and underdog sucker punched them to attention. Microsoft may have got lucky with their particular bet on AI but they are pushing very hard and it's great to see some competition.

I hope Google bring their A game but they have to beat Bing and GPT4 on price, quality and ecosystem, that may be quite challenging event with their resources


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I think this is a bit premature because there is usually some form scarcity either by distance or time and a medium of exchange is necessary to trade these resources

e.g. gold is scarce localy but a sufficiently advanced space mining system will increase supply until we need to get out of the solar system, then you likely have to time constrained scarcity ie have to wait for operations in another star sysytem to be setup and send resources back

Even considering there are billions of people and perhaps a few very disirable places for them to live, how to allocate living space equitably since the qualities that make that space desirable cannot easily be scaled e.g. the historical / cultural value of living in Paris, the beauty of living in Hawaii


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I think were now reaping the benefits of an increasingly networked society, news and advancements travel quickly and are iterated on by the smartest people, it's a collective intelligence that's only becoming more and more integrated.


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What thought or real experiment would invalidate 3? You have to understand intelligence first to put system wide constraints on it like that, I don't think we can make those assertions.

You also have human evolution which came about in a low intelligence environment and rapidly gained intelligence, so I'm not sure why that would be different for machines.


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I think the problem is that if other jobs get automated out, there will be a lot of competition for the existing jobs which will drive wages into the ground.

So a future without UBI and sufficient new human jobs will be really bad for existing wage growth in existing roles as people retrain into whatever they need to.