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Funny. I got it to go with my wife a few years ago and thought the same thing. Woof. Never again. We do get the one off Elmwood when we pass by the area. Still solid. I always did like gourmet house on hope better than the aspara there anyways.


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I agree the market is nuts. I also feel people that complain alot are using $800 cell phones with monthly payments of $50 plus. Go out or order food once or more a week. Buy coffee daily, get drinks on weekends, etc. It all adds up


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There's a ski shop rt 146 north Smithfield. I was there renting skis for my son. They said stuff comes and goes throughout the season. Could give them a call and see what they have your size. Very nice people


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Some People really just don't care about their towns/ communities. It's gross. Theres trash cans literally every store, park, etc. Keep it in your car and throw it out when you stop.


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Weird. I did work to my house so called my insurance to adjust the value. They just asked me a few questions on what I did and what else is on my property like deck, patio, shed


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What happens when you only use $45 in July? Does it even out for the winter months? I heat with wood but I've been curious because I know people who do that. Gas company clearly must make money on it or they wouldn't offer it.