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Oh yeah, sorry. That's completely my bad bro I shouldn't have expected to be able to buy switches for a premium price and not be able to lube them 100% my fault man. Yeah cut the clown shit bro. Switches are supposed to be lubed, if lubing causes issues the switch is garbage in my opinion.


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I'd love to mess around and see what I can figure out when I get home, I only had around an hour to mess around with these before work and I get off in half an hour. Besides that though I just put in a two day order for some gateron cream sodas in case these don't satisfy me. Not looking forward to lubing an entire additional batch of switches again but oh well I suppose.


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It's most noticable when you tap the keycap on the side facing the LED hole. When pressing anywhere but there it's fine but obviously when you type you end up hitting that spot and it makes the board sound like garbage. It's virtually the exact same sound as when stabs tick, and replicating it requires the exact same amount of pressure. A very light tap makes it extremely noticable.


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I'm seeing people say it's because I lubed them. I don't have any stock ones left because I'm using a 67% keyboard and I just lubed all 70. I was under the assumption that paying 65 cent a switch would give you a high quality switch that would be very nice lubed. Apparently you get a switch that has a very obnoxious noise when you lube them. I'm probably going to just bin these switches and never buy them again tbh. Currently looking at the cream sodas from gateron as I've literally never had a single issue with gateron switches.