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I commuted Portland to Augusta for 2 years, it was a bit rough since I worked late fairly often at the time, but totally doable, and with an efficient vehicle (my car gets 33-35 mpg) really not a big deal


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Edward Abbey wrote something along the lines of "it's not the beer cans that are ugly - it's the highway that's ugly - and plus some petty criminal will be gainfully employed in picking them up"


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OP stated the model year is 1997 and the seller does not have a title.

The statute you cited is therefore not relevant to his situation.

It is possible to obtain title to a vehicle through a bonded title process. This is actually less onerous than it sounds for most used vehicles.


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Housing market sucks ass but we could certainly use more early childhood educators

Culturally you'll get along fine. Maine has a small-town culture where people get by how they can, help each other out, and mostly leave people alone to live their lives. It's not too different from what I've seen in the rural Midwest, just with trees and hills instead of corn.

Edit: we also have our share of backwards-ass bigots but for the most part they aren't as loud or aggressive as in Kansas and they don't have any power in the legislature (at least for now)


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Interested in what shakes out here, as my family also has a property with a deed restriction that my father believes will prevent us from building an ADU despite the recent state law overriding the existing municipal code restrictions.


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When the air temps are consistently above 50 degrees. We seeded micro clover in early September only to have it get totally washed out in a series of heavy thunderstorms. Will be trying again probably late April.


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Yep, had to reactivate my account about a year ago because there were enough businesses and other groups that only ever posted updates on hours or programs on Facebook.