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Assuming the speed camera can log every speed it clocks people at and what time they would have all the data needed.

Thinking of it a bit more probably 99th and then only ticket cars going more than 5-10mph over that. So you get only the serious outliers and never the keeping up with the flow people.

While we're doing it make sure it tickets cops personally if they are not legit running lights. See them speeding way to fast late at night.


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Think that realy depends. Look at the mixmaster they put in the temp bypass and tried to slow everybody down to 45 from 85 for no reason. No workers anywhere near it and no reason to turn it into a money machine with automated cameras. Speeds came down to about 65 and were reasonable there. If your looking at doing this need a 99.9th percentile or something so it's only the oddball fastest person out over every 1k cars or something like that.


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Massive swaths of vacant/underused property exist in cities and you have all the other infrastructure in place.

Stop trying to export urban problems to the burbs as a magical fix. We dont have the capacity to deal with this. I see the Hartford planners going uh look 17 children per class in little school they can absorb nearly half again as many students without needing much more that the existing teacher and aid. Sure 26 kids could fit but you quickly look like urban schools and start having urban problems.

I hear talk about spending billions to reroute highways in Hartford and put in parks. How about some low income detached homes or even condo like setups seems a lot more critical than OMG you can not easily walk from this neighborhood to the other.


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4700 across 2 floors and 2 1.5 ton units doing rather well. Need another 1 ton for the far end of a room to keep it cool not just ok (heat gain from windows). Cost me 3k to self install so far allready had a 200a panel and a decently big solar install. Running costs for heat have been sub 300 a month.

I do have oil baseboard for the OMG cold days used maybe 100g all winter.


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Had a young trooper try and give me grief about no front plate. Older cop walked up and barked at him that you dont need one if you need to alter your car to put it there. This was 15 years ago at an easter DUI checkpoint getting onto 84 at like 4pm. It's was a grand prix where you had to break out part of the front bumper to mount a plate the dealer did not put it on when I bought it new in 2000.


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Pretty much, this is what happens when they let these buildings get built without enough parking.

There is a huge shortsighted push to build things without proper parking access, 20 something dont get that as you get older your going to need vehicle access and that it should be accommodated for day 1.


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My niece bought at the start of covid. 250k home on a single income, just staring out in her career, with student loan debt, and would not take help from any of us.

I just helped an older relative buy a home last year, 3% down for a widower, no debt, retired on a fixed income, and would not take any financial help. She is living rent free and making a decent bit on the property while not having to do any regular maintenance (shoveling mowing and the like) by adding an ADU for her to live and renting the remainder.

It's definitely doable it just takes a plan and working towards it vs expecting immediate gratification.


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Your base premiss is that the tool is the issue not the person. We have had to tool for a lot longer than the problem. It was pretty easy to find dynamite as a kid every farmer had a shack full way out on the back 40. But for the most part nothing bad happened related to this. Guns were far more available and commonly used, we grew up knowing what it was to take and animals life to feed ourselves. Learning to kill something gives you an appreciation of the act that I dont think people have anymore.

So you need to attack the issue from a different direction. For government thats harder as often thats looking as why systemic supports are not in place.


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> 7c a round is allready crazy for a 22LR.

Were talking about a program thats already teaching firearms safety to more kids in the US that any other program by far. Ammo is the biggest cost to run the program. So yea a 30-50% increase in real costs is huge.


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3c a round is going to hurt some good places.

Local scout camp thats an additional 3 bucks or so every round on the firing range. A 22LR is about 7c a round now so this is nearly a 50% tax for the people trying to teach responsible gun safety and use.


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Lets see teachers not qualified for nursing and the students can't pass the test the required 80% for the same.

We desperately need nurses but this places was 2x the national average for a nursing degree while putting out unprepared students.


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The reelect mormonreformist committee who your spouse is on the board of and gets a 200k salary for.

All of the various "charities" whom you now are on the board of can pay you.

At the federal level you can not get paid for speeches but they can donate to a charity of your choosing.

Universities love to keep politicians on salary give a lecture/speech now and again to justify it.

It's all in the filings so hit up opensecrets and dig in, plenty of politicians do it.


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Cash only is cash only and even then some types of loans considered good as cash.

Nothing stopping you from getting conventional approval and switching to a FHA. They want to back out post deposit thats up to them but they have lost time/opportunity at that point. After all you can get approved for some very bad coventialy loans and horrid DTI, does not mean it makes sense to buy a home with them.


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Sure, they want to start a family the realy means they need to figure out where they are living for the next 5 years at least to get a good preschool lined up.

Paying a premium on the house price is not a huge issue it's step one to starting a family and putting down roots. All that matters is that you can pay your monthly today stop thinking of it as an investment. Figure it's the 13 years of your kids schooling.

The uncertainty of apartments so you hopefully save a bit in a few years on the house price is not worth putting off starting a family.