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The US currently dedicates~40% of corn, and a similar fraction of soybean oil to biofuels already. So there's limited room to expand biofuels to support all the applications that we currently use liquid fuels for. My expectation is that shorter-range boats, intended for single-day travel, are likely to be electrified.


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In terms of climate, when food is grown, but then wasted, you've also burned fossil fuels to make fertilizer and transport the food, as well as possibly emitted methane during the growing of the food and its decomposition in a landfill. So waste reduction can have some real knock-on benefits in addition to feeding people, and be a part of how we lower overall emissions


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The problem for Republican politicians is that if you give poor people a reason to vote, they won't support having all their money transfered into the pockets of the wealthy patrons who back the Republican party