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Well, there are all sorts of genetic abnormalities that cause genetic males to appear female. But none that cause genetic females to appear as male.

Sure, there are any number of hormonal triggers, but if you miss all of them you appear female. Note, it's the appearance that relevant, because with these various syndromes they still tend to have testes rather than ovaries. It appears that the signal to produce a penis however requires an actual on signal.


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Dunno about elsewhere, but here (NL) if you're travelling by yourself with a kid under 18, you need some kind of proof at the border that the other parent consents.

Of course, you can go a bloody long way before you hit border controls, but it's usually a problem for countries like Morocco and Turkey.

Edit: it's not foolproof obviously, but it prevents a lot of the simple cases.


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> Otherwise something highly compressed would radiate heat indefinitely which ain't going to happen.

Sure, the earth is cooling down. The mantle however is a reasonably good insulating layer though (mostly because it's so damn thick). The heat loss is is estimated at 47±2 TW (or about 3 times to total energy usage by humans). Still, the Earth will be destroyed by the Sun before it cools down.


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I think the bit you're missing is that when you move in a particular direction, light from that direction becomes slightly bluer and light behind you becomes slightly red.

If you assume the "expanding balloon" is expanding everywhere at the same rate, by looking at the colour of the expanding balloon you can determine a speed relative to you where the balloon will have the same colour everywhere.

Yes, it would have been more logical if we'd have been stationary relative to the global frame, but it turns out we're not. Science is more interesting when it gives you answers you don't expect.

(It could be that the "bubble" is not expanding at a uniform rate everywhere, but we (currently) have no way of distinguishing that. And it seems the weaker assumption that we're simply moving than some fancy new physics.)


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That's how I'd heard it explained: rather than having antigens spread across you body in the hope they match, they hang around in the lymph nodes and monitor the stuff coming past.

It's said the mammalian immune system is the second most complex known system in the world, after the brain. Every time I hear more about it I'm amazed.


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Honestly, just ring up and say you found your card and you forgot the transaction and offer to pay it back. You're surely not the first person this has happened to. And it gives you the piece of mind they're not going to suddenly find out.

I once reported my card lost because I couldn't find my wallet. I was panicing about all the stuff I was going to have to replace. Turn up to work on monday and there it is on my desk.


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> Is it “it may be possible but the tech isn’t there” or “fundamentally, it is not possible”?

For a god it may be possible, for us, not so much. For comparison it's like modifying a program in a language we don't understand. This program has grown randomly over aeons and the strangest things relate to each other. You're basically stuck with randomly changing things and seeing what happens. But since people mature so slowly that's very slow progress.

During the maturation process of a foetus, there's lots of little tripwires to abort if something weird is going on.

That said, if you find some baby born with gill like structures or four arms, if you sequence them you might get a head start. But the slow testing phase will be a problem.

Evil science fiction villain mode: unless of course we figure out how to grow foetuses into babies without a woman being involved, you could build a factory to test 100,000 variations all at once. That would speed it up a bit.


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There isn't really a good response. See also the Gish Gallop where your opponent floods the public with plausible but incorrect statements that you simply don't have time to refute them all.

The only solution I can think of is to educate people to recognise it when it happens. And hopefully someone will interrupt with: hey, that's a strawman, please go back to the original argument.

Yes, I just suggested the only way to save the world is to educate people. So we're basically f*cked.