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>Synthetic meat is terrible for you lol, poisoning your population isn’t anti-progress

So is Coca Cola. And alcohol. And cigarettes. Why haven't they banned those too?

Italy has a conservative right-wing government - when was the last time you saw a progressive right-wing government?


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From the source paper at

>The rate of complete remission or complete remission with partial haematologic recovery (CR/CRh) was 30% (95% confidence interval (CI) 18.8–43.2) in 18 of 60 evaluable patients with undetectable measurable residual disease (MRD)

So, not terrible - but still not a silver bullet.


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Because the graphics card is usually the main bottleneck for the overwhelming majority of consumer related performance issues, not the CPU.

And the new CPU requires 150W of power! All they’ve done is made the existing Intel hardware more tolerant to overclocking. The architecture appears to be unchanged.