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Mel and Carl were not just frequent collaborators, but also lifelong best friends. Rob Reiner recalls much of his childhood watching his dad and "Uncle Mel" trying to write material and laughing their asses off at what they could come up with. It's one of the reasons he was inspired to get into directing. And he gave us The Princess Bride and This is Spinal Tap. Likewise Mel Brooks kids referred to Carl Reiner as "Uncle Carl."


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>Community leader Chester Chong told ABC7 that the owner of the dance studio on West Garvey Avenue was holding an event there on Saturday. Through talking with friends that were in attendance and other local leaders, he said a woman was invited to the event but not her husband, which made him upset. Chong said he believes that woman's husband is the suspect in this case and jealousy may be a possible motive for the shooting.

Stop repeating the rumor mill until there is an official statement.

  1. Chong wasn't at the shooting
  2. Chong is taking second hand information from folks that may or may not have been there either. Let alone know anything.
  3. Chong has cited his own belief targeting some individuals whom we do not know if they're actually involved.

This is how you fucking start a witchhunt.

For all we know this dude is just pissed he wasn't invited.


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it's the other way around. The guy is a classically trained stage actor and thespian but put his talents to bringing the goofy Ernest character to life.

His modern successor is Larry the Cableguy, who doesn't actually have a drawl accent.


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Honda attracts that weird culture. I don't know any other Japanese car brand that has a quirky mod-enthusiast fan base trying to squeeze 1 HP out of economy cars like squeezing the last bit of toothpaste from a tube. The quirkyness gets less and less goofy as the value of the car goes up.


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It can also be caused by pepto bismal.

EDIT! The bismuth in pepto interacts with trace sulfur in your mouth and gut, staining whatever the sulfur is on. Black Hairy Tongue happens when the bismuth stains the strands of skin cells hanging onto your tongue's papillae(taste buds). A lot of food you eat has trace sulfur, anything related to onions is high in it. Turkey, eggs, any broccoli and cabbage type veggies. Anything with biotin and thiamin (vitaminB1). All have traces of sulfur.