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I'd report it, you know your card is compromised now. Let your bank know and get a new one. You could file a police report and try to get footage, but it may not be worth the effort. Like it or not, its going to be considered a low priority case since nothing was actually stolen, you're not going to be out the money, and the chance the person is the one who actually stole the number is low. Its up to you, just don't get your hopes up too high about the store or police catching the person.


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Honestly, no one should ever pay with debit. They don't even need to dupe your card with a swipe. The backends get breached all the time and numbers get out there. Only thing to do is watch your transactions and dispute what ever doesn't look right


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Aight, what part of the SF Bay Area you want your new place to feel like? NJ has some very urban areas and very rural areas, so you're going to find something to do no matter where you locate, its just a matter of how much driving you want to do to get there. If you're looking for something like SF, Jersey City - Hoboken Area is what you want. If you're looking for something more like the Peninsula/South Bay, anything east of 287 is going to feel about right. If for some reason you want that Oakland life, well there is Newark. If you want more of the far East Bay/North Bay, throw a dart at anything in that 30 mile radius that is east of 206 and north of 195, there are rural spots, but its never going to be more than a few miles drive of something urban.


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I would reread what you wrote, you made no mention of other politicians doing the same, only that these types of bills have funding for things other than assistance.


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And my point is, it's disgusting to reject assistance for others and then turn around and beg for it for one's self. Your implied argument that he voted no because ' there was unnecessary things in it' falls flat when there was likely unnecessary funding in the recovery bill that he was begging people to approve