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There’s no Chinatown. It’s just a strip with one archway, string of restaurants and sprinkle of shops. All complimented with businesses that are adorned with Chinese characters of the business name. Supporting reference here since I’m tying on my mobile. The area is pretty much run down with most of the restaurants and retailers either relocated or shut down because of the pandemic. Another factor is the ridiculously high leases the developers and landlords ask.


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I can understand the pandemic caused a lot closures and loss of business for restaurants and there was a need to charge fees to stay afloat. However, I feel years later and dining has come to its new norm with restaurants just milking customers now. Not to mention the supply chain and inflation, but it’s taking advantage of customers for the sake of the business. This isn’t just limited to restaurants as it seems like some small businesses are putting tip jars near the POS. Lastly, this discussion with the tip minimum starting at 20 percent with the service/recovery fee in small print conveniently distanced from the tip and total on a bill.

Some restaurants will remove the surcharge/recovery charge if you ask them to (politely).