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The corollas used a different engine, better, but different. Your best bet would be from an 80s Toyota Hilux (truck) since they used the same engine. Obviously, make sure I'm right about the engine being a 22re first though.

Edit*. I've owned two early 80s corollas. The 3tc they used in those things was a fantastic little powerplant.

Edit**. If yours is a late 85 then it may have used something other than the 22re....I guess 1985 was when they released the next generation of the Celica.


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Machining and rebuild is labor intensive, so I'm not surprised it's been quoted higher than a remanufactured engine. If it's a 22re, you might be able to find a decent used engine fairly cheap, those things just run forever.


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My understanding was that Motor Machine on commercial was one of the best machine shops in town. That said, they are small and have always had a big backlog.


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...and people say Reddit is toxic...Thank you, folks, for chiming in on this. I doubt it will do much good, but please call Brightspeed support and let them know what we are experiencing so that the tier 1 support knows to escalate this to higher support. I know, from recent experience, that they will say there is nothing they can do...but more tickets for the same issue means more priority. I have called twice today, the second time, I told them it was more than just me.


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I haven't used their modem at all. I just use the ONT and my own equipment, hence me asking the community about outages lol. Now that I know it's more than just me, I feel safe in assuming it's not a hardware issue on my end. Perhaps we can all determine if it's just one neighborhood or Springfield as a whole. I'm in Oak Grove.