sjsmac t1_j9o9ylx wrote

About five years ago the CT dmv got a new computer system and dropped a letter from my VIN when moving my car to the new system. I got a letter saying they screwed up, was told to return a slip with a check for registration, and all would be fine. I did this.

All was not fine. Ii turns out I never got another registration notice and ended up driving the car with invalid plates for over three years. I finally noticed that only our other car was getting tax bills and registration notices, so I got the first car emissions tested and re-registered it with a new plate last summer.

But what does this have to do with your car being stolen? Are you saying someone repossessed it? For this registration issue?


sjsmac t1_j9o9ibw wrote

Not in a million years will I ever do this. Want to know why? Because the author put the words in a specific order, and I respect that.

You are insane.