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Few are, but I’m working with small children who have had their young lives in upheaval, who came when they were as young as five. Lots of trauma and loss and disruption, in the mix.

Their parents have reported a range of schooling that was accessible to their boys as well. Some of the schools still use severe corporal punishment and parents had to pay for private school to avoid abuse. Not all could afford.

The Dari and Farsi speakers are more literate and faster at picking up language which is likely w socio economic advantage over the Pashto speakers.


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I work primarily with Afghan children ages 6-12, teaching them to read. There is not one way to summarize them. They entered the country within months of each other yet their reading abilities vary.

Many of the girls have never been in school before. Some girls are more advanced than the others, and I’ve noticed they have older siblings or parents who already had English skills. The boys skills are more advanced than the girls; and many indicate they had English instruction in Afghanistan. There are a few parents who have indicated they do not worry about their girls’ education but that seems to vary family to family.

None are literate in their home language.

I feel very privileged to be able to help them adapt to their new country, even if they’re here temporarily. Many indicate the desire to return home one day.


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It’s such a random statue in a random place to make a real impression or statement. I would understand if it was on the state capitol grounds, because we have had monuments vandalized for social and political issues. This is just a rando statue in a bougie neighborhood around the corner from our zoo. It’s a place that kids run up and down in the grassy area between the fountains and probably climb on him too.


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I know this school. I used to teach around the corner. I also know CA. This wasn’t an insurance decision. We have Medi-Cal.

Edit: He should have waited for the ambulance. In a panic, I wouldn’t remember which was the closest ER while dealing with a GSW and there really isn’t one super close without multiple freeways or surface streets. You def want UC Davis with your GSW and that is far from Grant by car.