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Hahah we may have cheered together! It was announced in the only 10 min I did NOT have the news on and I heard my neighbor go “omg, Joe!” so I threw open my window and heard the cheers start peppering in and then immediately ran to the street. I was sobbing, and the first person I saw was a guy delivering stuff into the Bodega on Columbus and 84th and he said to m “what happened!?!” And through my sobs I just said “HE WON!” And the guy was like “OMG HE WON?!?” and we high-fived. Such a distinct moment shared with such little context. I’ll remember every moment of that day for the rest of my life, truly one of the best.


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I was too!! The minute I heard I ran out on Columbus avenue in my pajamas and the streets were alive in the best way. I remember crying with a stranger in line at H and H bagels and hearing the cars and trucks blaring on their horns to celebrate with the crowds in the street. One of my favorite days ever


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That’s empirically incorrect. What got us Eric Adams is the abysmal voter turnout in New York City, in a large part thanks to the board of elections. Only 23% of voters voted for eric adams. Only 12% of voters showed up for Deblasios reelection! The problem is we don’t show up and we end up with politicians that don’t actually represent voters.


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47% of NYC revenue comes from property tax. As someone else said vacancy tax is a big one. And letting the free market do it’s work, the city needs to evolve with us. If people work from home more and eat at home we have to built communities and businesses around that. And make midtown residential, create parks. But Eric Adams is not a long term planner, he is more focused on slashing jobs, investing 5.5 million into a hip hop museum, partying with his friends, and campaigning for his 2025 race. What I want is for him to make concrete plans for how we will bring the city with us forward, instead of just strictly holding us in the past of pre pandemic times without any debate or negotiation.