skilledwarman t1_j9hpx2s wrote

> Trump still received 691,682 votes in 2020 in NYC.

For anyone wondering how that stacks up to the city's population NYC had 8.77 million people in 2020 (city, not metro area). I also believe those trump votes are just NYC itself and not metro area. I tried to find comperable numbers for Biden but could only find metro area.

Within the metro area the breakdown was:

-5.244 mil votes for Biden (Democrat and working families party tickets)

-3.251 mil votes for Trump (Republican and conservative party tickets)

-18.804 million people in the NYC metro area in 2020

Just to be clear that's not to argue or dispute anything the above comment was saying. That comment just made me curious about how the numbers lined up and so I thought maybe other people wanted to see that too


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Functionality has been getting noticeably worse

-Clicking on topics in the Trending tab is frequently returning search errors and invalid pages

-tweets are frequently failing to post and needing to be submitted multiple times

-Tweets are showing as unavailable in browser but showing in mobile

-tweets are showing as unavailable in mobile but showing in browser

-Qt tweets aren't showing the quoted tweet in timeline and only appearing when clicked through

-notifications page is loading slowly and frequently failing to show new notifications

-DM notifications are also not popping up

So yeah, visually it still looks like it's working albeit with a clunker UI than 2 months ago. But the functionality has been getting noticeably worse the more features they add and the more "micro features" musk impulsively kills then back tracks on


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Sure if you want to over simplify you could argue that

But one was decades of a government neglecting to properly maintain and keep up their states power grid while the other was people thinking that since they weathered the storm that dropped 7 feet of snow on them a couple weeks ago they'd be ready for this storm. People were caught out of their homes, were homeless and thought they could handle it without being at a real shelter or church, or got stuck out due to accidents

Not exactly the same thing