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Except when they have a monopoly. Try to go without any Google or Microsoft services. The US can't even remove Turbo Tax, an entirely useless service that served as a pay gate for regular people to pay tax.

It's easier to remove government administration than to forego giant corporation's products.


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The difference between handing power to tech moguls instead of politicians is that we have a mechanism to replace politicians but zero mechanism to replace tech moguls. Is the mechanism flawless and effective? No. But it's still better than nothing.


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What data?? You haven't shown any data. And if your point was "Texas has a lot of renewables" then no one is arguing against that. The argument was "Texas officials are against renewables" and the other guy showed that data. You haven't shown anything, except hints that you're arguing against a strawman.


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I'm a pedestrian in AIs but here I thought it's generally understood that the AI that creates realistic human faces from composites does its thing by having another AI check whether the composite was good enough to be published? So it has always been about AIs working with each other?