skrivbords t1_ir4bjgf wrote

Think these guys are underestimating:
* Made to be mass manufactured. (Mass production is the hard part.)
* Uses Tesla's AI to move and coordinate. (Most advanced real world AI. Aka it will be very smart in its actions very soon)
* The project started like a year or two ago. (Crazy fast progress from NOTHING to robot that walk and move without falling over.)
I think the ones that criticize the lack of latest tech might be missing concerns related to cost in mass production.

My impression is that these guys are in the business of hunting latest cutting edge tech, not the business of real world practical application.


skrivbords t1_ir0qonr wrote

This is 100% the platforms fault for hosting and suggesting inappropriate content. These companies and their content creators get rewarded for the wrong thing, (time spent on platform watching). They use the "uncontrollable AI" as an excuse to not take responsibility for sufficient moderation or abide by the law. TikTok should be 18+ only.