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He’s 47 now; it’s unlikely he would be as dominant now as he was. That being said, no one had ever seen anything like Tiger. Hard to tell.

The death of his father coincided with a series of bad personal decisions that ended up wrecking his marriage. It is speculative, but it certainly seems accurate that his father dying had something to do with it.


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Some people would argue “nothing at all.” There are a segment of people who would say he’s a mid level golfer now and there are plenty of those.

For many people though, golf is really about the stories. Anyone that watched golf for the last 25 years or so knew who Tiger was and watched him change the face of golf. Those people are just happy to see him out there competing.


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Chicken and egg. Wilson was as important for the rushing game as the rushing game was for Wilson in Seattle. I like Carson a lot, but trust me when I say he was nothing special as an athlete-just a tough as nails north-south runner willing to give his all. The system wasn’t designed around a top RB post-Lynch. The Broncos could easily find themselves a Chris Carson, I guarantee you that. You’re looking at the results, not the play on the field.

That being said, it was, however, designed around a heavy run-pass balance. That’s definitely not the type of offense Hackett ran this year. Wilson doesn’t need a top five RB, but there does need to be changes from this year.


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That was certainly true when Marshawn was there, but he’s been gone since 2015 (aside from a brief cup of coffee return). Their RBs since then have been nowhere near that caliber. Wilson has a ton of issues this year, but it’s not just that he doesn’t have a top RB-he hasn’t for most of his prime.


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I wouldn’t expect you to understand the conversation. You’ve pretty conclusively proven you either can’t or won’t read. Which one it is isn’t much of a concern to me.

Harassed you? My brother in Christ, you’re the one who is so obsessed with me you actually just signed up to follow me on Reddit. I’ve never seen anyone be so pressed before. What was it you said? “Something, something, accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty of”? Look in the mirror my guy.