sleepybrett t1_j9mhjup wrote

Many people live with others (The rent is too damn high), and maybe borrow each other's things including bikes and cars. Many of these bikes are cars may have hidden away in them. This will cause stalker alerts.

The best solution for this would be a feature that allows a user to 'accept the stalking tag as friendly' for some length of time. maybe with an occasional reminder.


sleepybrett t1_j1i7o37 wrote

'if it was encrypted correctly.'

For me, there are just some things that I will trust a company to do for me by proxy, and some things I don't. Keeping my identity (if someone has all your passwords they can become, effectively you) secure is one of those things that I'd rather do myself.

Convince is the enemy of security.


sleepybrett t1_j1gh01r wrote

why is 1password any better? Any password manager that make you use their 'cloud' can get fucked IMO.

I used 1password until they mandated their cloud product and stopped supporting local vaults. At least with a local vault if they got hacked, and a flaw was found then someone would have to get my vault as well. Nice defense in depth. But with my vault in their cloud it's a one stop fucking shop... fuck all of that.