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It's not unfriendly to tourists, but:

  1. It's loaded with elitist, standoffish crunchy people (think Portland) and hippies everywhere
  2. There are roosters everywhere, and they crow 24hrs/day so good luck sleeping
  3. There's literally nothing to do on the island other than hike/snorkel and very few good restaurants
  4. The airport sucks
  5. Everything is significantly overpriced for what you actually get. Stayed at the Grand Hyatt which had exceptional grounds and amenities but the rooms were literally less nice than some Hilton Garden Inns I've stayed at and they start at $1k per night for a studio

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I was blown away by how unimpressive LA's skyline was when I was there last month. It felt like Philly or Charlotte. Or Boston. Not even Boston. And the smog was unreal. Nice video though.


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Bose noise-cancelling headphones are life-changing. Also get a kindle and/or portable game system like 3ds/switch if you like gaming. Also a good messenger bag/briefcase for laptop + accessories. And the samsonite hard body expandable luggage with rotating wheels. And loafers.


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Reply to comment by Oriin690 in [I ate] NY pizza by blueblink77

I got it three weeks ago for $1. Plain, anyway. Idk about toppings. And idk it feels like 50 locations. Regardless, not that hard to find one of their locations in Manhattan.


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Yeah and medical necessity is subjective with an insanely high bar. For example: ground would result in an amputation, but air saves the limb. Insurance will deny paying for air because it's possible to live without a limb. Two days lost and a broken leg wont be enough for her to qualify. It has to be immediately life-threatening. And also there's plenty of examples like this case:

As usual, our system fucks whoever it can, however it can.