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There's a "your mom" joke to be made about the revolving door behind it, but I'm still on one cup of coffee so this comment sucks.


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This is the correct answer. Their business model is massive data aggregation and sale to marketers. If you’re paying attention, you’ll see some of it in marginal ads (especially in Chrome).


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>From at least in or about 2019, up to and including in or about November 2022, SAMUEL BANKMAN-FRIED, a/k/a "SBF," the defendant, corrupted the operations of the cryptocurrency companies he founded and controlled-including ("FTX") and Alameda Research ("Alameda")-through a pattern of fraudulent schemes that victimized FTX customers, investors, financial institutions, lenders, and the Federal Election Commission ("FEC").
>Exploiting the trust that FTX customers placed in him and his exchange, BANKMAN-FRIED stole FTX customer deposits, and used billions of dollars in stolen funds for a variety of purposes, including, among other things, to support the operations and investments of FTX and Alameda; to fund speculative venture investments; to make charitable contributions; to enrich himself; and to try to purchase influence over cryptocurrency regulation in Washington, D.C. by steering tens of millions of dollars of illegal campaign contributions to both Democrats and Republicans.

Direct link to new indictment for those curious. Given the big celebrity ads, plays on both sides of the political aisle, and mountain of evidence showing his drive to hide evidence... I sincerely hope this jackass doesn't get Epsteined.


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Context: I’m almost 50 and have worked a LOT of hours/years managing IT.

2022: Learned to enjoy my time, delegate better, and disconnected from work more. Learned how to be more assertive without being a dick. Moved away from endurance exercise and started lifting.

2023: Simplify. Travel, sprint racing, more time with friends. Start planning a career change as I head into retirement.