slowrisy t1_ivubco4 wrote

I have done a mix of types of goals the last couple years, and I’ve really been enjoying it. Doing a certain number is not a meaningful goal for me, but there are always genres or formats I want to read more of and books I want to read but somehow don’t get to if they aren’t a specified goal. In 2022 for example, I set a goal to read a book of modern poetry and Swann’s Way. I will also mix in things like ‘give a book I didn’t like a second chance’. There is zero pressure to finish the list, but it can be helpful to make sure I’m choosing books thoughtfully. I still read lots of junk, and that’s fine too. The umbrella goal I had for this year was “Be focused and engaged” because I didn’t want to fall into the trap of checking books off the list without them being a meaningful experience. It’s easy for me to fall into but totally defeats the purpose.