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The real question is why you already had a bulletproof vest ready for your cat to tie these bloons to?

....what goes on in this household...

Edit: Wait wait wait, actually that makes sense. So when someone goes to shoot the balloons if they hit the cat he'll still be fine. I retract my previous statement.


slylock215 t1_j3nilte wrote


Take my wife am I rite!? Ha, ha.

Ha, ha, let me tell some weird lie because girls don't like to drink and watch sports! Females be shoppin' with my credit card too because they can't work amirite? GET IT, WOMANS BE SHOPPIN' THEY DONT PLAY POOL


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I don't even know what you're trying to imply with this. 90's comedy was edgy that ran fast and loose with more divisive issues? Giving ideas to the people who would look at the map and cheer?

It's the same kind of "they couldn't make blazing saddles today" argument that peters out when compared to contemporary edgy humor.


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Eh, I think Jims, Pats, and Genos get a bad rap because we're Philly and it's fun to hate things but they're perfectly satisfactory. In fact, since they're reminiscent of the random yet still decent quality of cheesesteak you get from most corner pizza shops it's actually a pretty good representation. They are fairly expensive though.


However, I will say that Tony Lukes is hot fucking garbage so recommend that to your 'enemies' and say it's the best cheesesteak you can get in Philly.