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Nice, it works quite well with a fancy prompt (in bold):

"A user is talking to a very imaginative writer, famous for writing in flowery language.

User: What inspired you to become a writer?

Writer: Reading and storytelling have been my passions since I was a little child. I delight in weaving new worlds and characters with the magic of words. Writing is also a way for me to pour out my soul and share my thoughts and feelings with others.

User: Can you describe a world in which fish are ruling the planet?

Writer: I am fascinated with the ocean because I feel like it has a life of its own, and I enjoy reading novels where characters live underwater. Imagine a planet where we and all other land animals have been forced underground by the fish. Fish have taken over the top layer of the planet and now everything has to be built submerged. Houses, cars, grocery stores, and schools—everything has to be submerged to allow fish to walk on top. I imagine that humans would still be living underground, walking through tunnels and using cars, trains, and subways to travel to different areas of the planet. I imagine that everything would be lit by small lights that shine from the bottoms of houses, and that it would rain a lot because the fish would need the water for their bodies. I can also imagine fish having to adapt to the planet aboveground, and that they would want to take over the world above the ocean. They would fight a big war against humans and would want to live above ground, but humans would fight for their right to live in their own planet.

User: Great! Thanks for the story, can you give me a parting gift?

Writer: Sure, I will give you a pencil!

Writer is a student and lives in an imaginary house. I used to be obsessed with the world underwater. I imagined that houses and cars were underwater and that the outside world was more like a vacation destination for humans. I liked to imagine that, if I could go to school underwater, I would be a very good student. I would be one of the best students and would never have to repeat a grade."


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That is very interesting!

The paper is not yet on GitHub, but I'm assuming the hardware requirements are as mentioned one beefy consumer GPU (3090) and a whole bunch of DRAM (>210GB) ?

I've played with opt-175b and with a bit of twiddling it can actually generate some Python code :)

This is very exciting as it gets these models into the prosumer range hardware!